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We have our sights set on the future

Our objective as a company extends beyond the simple work of machining and metallizing parts. We believe in research and development as the basis for constructing our work and progress. We look towards the future, developing new techniques in both machining and metallizing. Offering the best solution for each client’s needs is the mission of all our projects.

The energy efficiency of each part, its optimised performance and progress are essential objectives at Met-Meka. This requires the carrying out of research which we believe is fundamental for our work. One clear-cut example is our ceramic coating for inductors thanks to which we have succeeded in lengthening their service life.

And another example of our commitment to the future is the work dedicated to the exoskeleton developed by Gogoa Mobility Robots in the framework of orthoprosthesis.

Furthermore, we were also involved in working for the Rehub-Health project and its robot-assisted system for rehabilitation in patients recovering from a stroke.

Our motto is obvious: innovation and development for a better future.